Keith Bowman -- Drums

Keith is a working professional percussionist and drum set player from St. Louis.  He is currently a senior at Webster University and will be receiving his bachelors degree in Jazz with a minor in audio production Spring 2017.

In 2016 alone, Keith performed and recorded with bands from a wide variety of styles including: Blues: Soulard Blues Band, Aaron Griffin, Aaron Brown. Jazz: Kasimu Taylor Trio, Tony Viviano, Ben Wheeler, Aaron Brown, Gateway Big Band. Country: 4th City Rag, Rachel Seiler, Les Gruff and the Billy Goat. Soul: Tom Watkins, Andrew Stephen. Rock: Crystal Lady. Folk: Hillary Fitz. Christian: Brendan Knorp.


With every student, Keith focuses on fundamental technique, reading, and learning to play songs by ear.  He loves to focus on songs that his students are interested in and wants to ensure that they learn to embrace the fun and excitement of music!