New Year's Resolutions in February

The DGL lesson rooms are filled with hopeful and encouraging words from both students and instructors regarding weekly practice. But during the week, those motivational thoughts fade like most New Year’s resolutions. Now that it is February, let’s try this resolution thing again.

This is a good time to evaluate your progress and make a quick checklist of skills and abilities and establish new goals for the rest of the year. Refocusing your direction for practice is important and helps you avoid getting into a rut or falling into the trap of tunnel vision where you only focus on one of the many areas that should be given equal time. Learning how and what to practice is a skill in itself and will be the topic for the next blog. Here are some examples of musical resolutions that might work for you:

·         Practice for at least 30 minutes a day

·         Create and stick to a lesson plan or schedule

·         Learn a new song or a new part of a song each week

·         Improvise for 10 minutes each practice session

·         Write a melody or chord progression each week

·         Review and play through 2 or 3 songs each week that you have already learned

·         Don’t get frustrated and have fun

Be realistic and keep it simple for the best results. Remember, practice goals can be updated during the year as you progress and want new challenges.