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At David's Guitar Loft, we specialize in guitar, bass, and amplifier repair from all manufacturers. Guitars and amplifiers are designed to perform for a lifetime with proper care and routine maintenance. From a bridge reset to a full re-tube and bias, we offer precision repairs with the fastest turnaround in the St. Louis area. 

Free quotes for guitar repairs!

DGL is an authorized repair center for:

DigiTech, DOD, Eden Amplifiers, Framus Guitars, G&L Guitars, Hagstrom, Hughes and Kettner, Jay Turser, Marshall Amplifiers, Oscar Schmidt, Parker Guitars, Randall Amps, Warwick, Washburn, and more.


  • Fret work - re-fretting, polishing, leveling, crowning
  • Acoustic guitar bridge repair
  • Acoustic Guitar crack reinforcement
  • Amp repair and modification
  • Tube amp re-tubing/ biasing
  • Amplifier re-capping
  • Speaker reconing/ replacement
  • And more!


Amplifier Bench Fee $40

Each amplifier is unique, and each amp will require unique method for repair. We will fully test your amp, discover any issues, and approximate the repair cost. No appointment is necessary. Whether it's a tube, solid state, guitar, bass, keyboard, or PA amp, we're here to help you get back to the gig.

Guitar Restring - $2/string

(+$1/string for nylon string and Floyd Rose equipped guitars)

  •  Your choice of strings (not included). Individual strings are available from limited manufacturers.

Standard acoustic, electric, or bass set up - $60

(+$20 for Floyd Rose and 12 String Guitars)

  • Restring (strings not included)
  • Thorough cleaning and fretboard conditioning
  • Electronic check and cleaning
  • Full setup - truss rod, saddle, and nut adjustment.
  • Intonation adjustment
  • Pickup height adjustment

Pickup Installation

  • $40 for 1 pickups
  • $60 for 2 pickups
  • $70 for 3 pickups
  • (+$20 for hollow body)
  • Any additional electronic modification will be at a discounted rate. Call or come by for a quote.
Late 60'S Fender P-Bass Set Up

Late 60'S Fender P-Bass Set Up

1967 Gibson J45ADJ Bridge Repair

1967 Gibson J45ADJ Bridge Repair

Ernie Ball JP6 internal Roland GK3 pickup install

Ernie Ball JP6 internal Roland GK3 pickup install

1980'S Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 set up.

1980'S Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 set up.