Fall 2017 Schedule for:  Rock Start, Intro to Guitar, Intro to Ukulele.                              Descriptions can be found below.                        

Rock Start Band Program  10 weeks     cost: $250 ($125 due by the first rehearsal)

Performance is Sunday, November 19 at the Hwy 61 Roadhouse starting at 4pm.

Rehearsals begin the week of September 11.


Intro to Guitar  6 weeks     cost: $150

Monday 6-7pm     September  18 - October 23     ages 7-15                             


Intro to Uke    6 weeks        cost: $150

Saturday 10-11am     September  16 - October 21      ages 7-15       





Rock Start Band Program (age 8-18)


Come play in a LIVE band program.  This program pairs students up based on age and ability into bands that have to collaboratively decide on a set list and a band name (no easy task). They then participate in Band Rehearsal Sessions, discuss Performance & Stage Presence & much more!  The Sessions will come to a grand finale as the student bands perform a LIVE concert show. Available to all levels of players beginner to advanced. All students must provide their own Instrument.

Exploring Music (age 5-8)

This hands on class will elicit a passion for music and help prepare your child for future music instruction. We will focus on music basics.

Students will:

  • Listen and learn about various styles of music.
  • Learn about rhythm, tempo, melody, and form. 
  • Learn basic theory: music notation, time signatures, and chords. 
  • Explore a world of instruments such as Drums, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, and Voice, with a focus on basic Piano and Guitar

2014 Rockstart Kids Groups at Blueberry Hill

2014 Adult Groups at Blueberry Hill

Introduction to Guitar (age 7-15)

Intro to Guitar is for anyone who has an interest in playing the guitar but hasn't started lessons and might not even own a guitar. No experience is required. We will make it fun and easy for kids to learn the basics while learning correct technique.

Students will learn:

  • How to to read standard notation, tablature, and chord charts.
  • Basic chords and scales
  • Theory and rhythm and how it applies to music
  • Exercises to help strengthen and coordinate your hands.
  • Different types and sounds of guitars. e.g. acoustic, classical, electric and bass.

Introduction to Piano (age 7-15)

Intro to Piano is for anyone who has an interest in learning a keyboard based instrument. No experience is required.

Students will Learn

  • How to read standard notation and chord charts
  • Basic chords and scales
  • Basic Music Theory: music notation, time signatures, and chords. 
  • Exercises to help strengthen and coordinate your hands.

Introduction to Ukulele (age 7-15)

This is a fun and easy instrument for kids to learn. No experience is required. You will be playing songs by the end of this class.

Students will learn:

  • How to play basic chords and scales
  • Basic music theory and rhythm
  • Exercises to help strengthen and coordinate your hands. 
  • An assortment of ukulele songs

Introduction to Voice (age 7-15)

Intro to Voice is a great way for anyone who has an interest in singing and improving their vocal ability to get started. We will make it fun and easy for kids to learn how to control their voices while applying this knowledge to well known songs.

We will:

  • Expose students to different vocal styles like Jazz, Musical Theatre, Classical, Rock, Country, Pop, Disney, and Foreign Languages.
  • Teach vocal exercises and warm ups
  • Introduce the student to vocal control and techniques.
  • Explore music theory and rhythm
  • Learn about performance environments, stage presence, and performance etiquette.

Introduction to Drums (age 7-15)

This class is for anyone who has an interest in playing the drums but hasn't started lessons and might not own a drum kit. No experience is required. 

Students will learn:

  • Exercises to build strength & endurance of hands and wrists.
  • Coordination between hands and feet
  • Music Theory and Rhythm - basic note values, subdivisions, and time signature.
  • Single & multi-line rhythms (Drum Charts
  • Types of Drums, components, and sounds and other percussion