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Come and see what one on one lessons with our excellent staff can do for your playing!  Isn't it time to get some enjoyment out of your instrument?  Personal lesson plans geared toward your goals with group jam sessions and skill sessions as well.  Fall lessons now in full swing! Guitar, Bass (electric and upright), Piano, Voice, Percussion, Uke!

DGL Welcomes Fender Guitars and Amps!

DGL is excited to welcome Fender Guitars and Amps. From the classic Deluxe Reverb to the ultra-light Rumble bass amps, Fender has an instantly recognizable tone and fantastic build quality.

With the all-tube '65 and '68 custom series, expect squeaky cleans, lush reverb, and a front end that can be pushed into a creamy soft overdrive. The all-tube Hot Rod and Blues Jr. have a similar flavor, but with 2 channels and overdrive. The solid-state Champion Series emulates a lot of the same Fender tone, but at a fraction of the cost and weight. 

Stay tuned for more Fender and Squire guitars! We're still taking pictures and getting everything on the web.

Welcome to David's Guitar Loft!

St. Louis' best spot for lessons, gear, and instrument repair. David's Guitar Loft is a full service music store specializing in guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, ukulele lessons, piano lessons, sales, and service. We have a range of guitars, basses, drums, amps, electronics, and accessories. There's no better place in St. Louis to take guitar, drum, piano, or bass lessons.