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St. Louis' best spot for lessons, gear, and instrument repair. David's Guitar Loft is a full service music store specializing in group and private lessons for guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice and ukulele. We have a wide range of guitars, basses, drums, amps, effect pedals, electronics, and accessories. There's no better place in St. Louis to take guitar, bass, drum, piano, voice or ukulele lessons from beginning to intermediate and advanced students.

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Lesson Studio News

  • Exciting news: Coming soon to DGL is the Music Together early childhood music and movement program. Check back for more details in the coming weeks.

  • Rock Start performance is set for Sunday, November 19 at the Hwy 61 Roadhouse. Rehearsals will start the week of September 11. Please call us at 314-962-9536, email at sales@davidsguitarloft.com or speak with us in the store to sign up.

  • The Webster Groves Gazebo Series performance was awesome and thank you to all of the students who participated and for everyone who came out to support the bands.

  • The Saturday Jam Sessions for students age 18 and under are temporarily on hold.  We will be changing the time of day for when it will be offered. 

  • Check our blog page each week and a video series is in the works as well. The topics will vary from lessons and tips, tutorials, gear. and entertainment.